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Elevate your brand.

Reach more people with high-quality video production.

Meet new customers

Make more money

Polish your image

Making new friends is awkward.

Clammy handshakes. Eye contact. Remember to smile!

You need to de-stress about friendship.

Save time and make growing your business fun with high-quality video marketing.


No more awkward first dates. Build relationships authentically and easily when you use video.


With attractive branding, worrying about your image is a thing of the past. Move into the future with confidence in yourself and your marketing.


With videos doing the work for you, focus your energy where you want to instead of where you must.

Who is RedHead Creative?

The new video pro on the block.

RedHead Creative is an Atlanta video production company that helps businesses connect with people through quality, story-driven videos.


We profile who your company is and what it does so you can start valuable customer relationships. 


Check out our values page to learn more!

Why should I use videos?

  • How much is ineffective marketing costing you?

  • How many new clients have you reached this year?

  • Do you feel disconnected with your customers?

  • Is old branding costing you business?

Not using video marketing is

costing you a lot.

What does that mean for me?

Videos are one of the best ways to connect with people!


New clients can learn quickly about what you offer and how it will help them.


Focus on making clients happy, instead of always chasing leads.

Bring in more business with clear messaging.

In short, you'll have the tools to reach more of the right people faster. 

You'll be confident and thriving.

4-Step Plan for Awesome Vids


It starts with you!


Reach out and we'll have a friendly conversation.


It's as easy as that.

Barista Making Coffee To Go


Before we turn on the camera, let's get straight on your goals and expectations.


Why? So you get a video that looks pretty and works for your business at the same time. 


BTW, we love chatting goals over coffee! 

Photoshoot Setup


Now the fun part. Work with our seasoned team to bring your vision to reality with beautiful images, sound and lighting.


We only work with trusted professionals who can deliver on our high quality standards.

Fireworks Show


Let your video do its thing - connecting you with your ideal customers.


Whether it's for your website or social, our groundwork makes sure it speaks to the right people, at the right time.

Plus, we can connect you with experienced marketers to help you get the word out, if needed.

Company Profile:

The Story Behind the Brand

A profile video is essentially a short bio of your company.

It clearly defines what your company does and, more importantly,

why you do it.

The style -

an engaging interview intercut with

beautiful images  of your business in action,

blended perfectly to portray the heart of what you do. 

That's what we'd love to create for you.

Our Partners

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