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Quality storytelling 

is what inspires us.

At RedHead Creative, community is our #1 goal. And quality is our style.


We set ourselves apart by listening to the client's needs, understanding the people they need to connect with, and skillfully crafting a video that engages and connects.

Our Values


Community hearkens back to the mission of our marketing videos: connecting people to people. We believe the best results come from working together. And that's why we'll never go it alone, or "one-man-band" it on set days.


Instead, we build each other up and collaborate with our clients, crew, and other creatives to create the freshest work possible .


There are no assembly lines at RedHead Creative. Every project is different, every business unique, and each deserves a fresh perspective in its storytelling. 


Assembly lines are boring and uninspiring. We aim to excite, motivate, and energize!

Cool & calculated

While we don't believe in assembly line projects, we do believe in having a plan.


Rather than going run-and-gun, RedHead clarifies the project's needs and goals and skillfully executes accordingly.


We're relentless when it comes to a quality project. And that means we don't lower our standards on cost, crew, or the time it takes to craft a quality video.



We respect every client's thoughts and ideas, leaving the door wide open for communication and creativity. In return, we strive to gain our clients' respect by always giving the best of our expertise, time, and resources.  

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